Studiolo 2.0

Alessandra Fumagalli Romario

Milan, Italy | Wood: cherry

Alessandra Fumagalli Romario is a product designer based in Milan. After her degree at the Polytechnic of Milan she moved to London to continue her studies at the Royal College of Art, where she graduated in 2019 in Design Product. During her last year of her masters she developed “Imaginary Language”, a tool to foster creativity. The project has been nominated for the “Design kids award 2019” and has won the “KI award”. Her approach to design is holistic and responsible: she always combines different disciples into her research with the aim of designing products that are socially and environmentally sustainable.

During extensive Zooming, video meetings and Insta-lives, Fumagalli Romario observed people’s curated backgrounds, which got her thinking about ‘the importance of objects as extension of ourselves: from one side, many boundaries are created, from another, boundaries disappear, private and public are mixed together’. She likened this curated space to the small studioli found in Renaissance paintings, and to cabinets of curiosities. Inspired by this, she created a visual background, a cabinet to present oneself through objects that could be exhibited or hidden. Using wood to convey depth, her design is a compact architecture that has both practical and aesthetic purpose.