Isabelle Baudraz

Lausanne, Switzerland / Athens, Greece | Wood: Cherry

Isabelle Baudraz is a Swiss designer currently working between Lausanne and Athens. Baudraz trained as a jeweller before enrolling at ECAL to study industrial design. In 2016, she received the Prix d’Encouragement de la ville de Renens and with it gained the chance to create her first exhibition. Her ECAL project, a bench she designed for the Musée National Picasso-Paris in 2018, was also part of the Diego Giacometti exhibition there.

Fighting a feeling of isolation, Baudraz recreated tactile and emotional connections through her trio of objects. Inspired by the idea of bringing natural movements and forms into the home, her collection includes a suspended mobile, a desk object, and a wall-mounted installation designed to create moments of tactile connection during days in isolation.