Ivana Taylor

Adelaide, Australia | Woods: maple, cherry and red oak

Ivana Taylor is a designer based in Adelaide, Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Design/ Art Education at UNSW, Sydney in 2018 and the Associate Program in the Furniture Studio at JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design, Adelaide in 2020. Through her practice, she explores the relationship between textiles and timber. Most recently, Taylor shifted her focus from surface design to large-scale sculptural, woven, knotted or wrapped three-dimensional objects and furniture. She is represented by Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert.

Taylor’s own experience of solitude led to extensive periods of reflection, ultimately inspiring the designer to change her approach to designing and making. For this project, she aimed to ‘design a contemplative sculptural object that triggered reflection on the multi-layered nature of any experience, including isolation’. A recurring theme of her research featured ways of framing the view at different scales, and the resulting design is a sculpture made from a series of small carved objects that layer to create a composition acting as a ‘sculpted path for light’.