Josh Krute

Helsinki, Finland | Wood: hard maple

Josh Krute is a furniture and textile designer based in Helsinki, Finland. In 2019 he graduated from Aalto University’s Contemporary Design MA Program, and currently works as a workshop instructor for Aalto University. His furniture prototypes have been published and exhibited internationally – some of which include the Helsinki Design Museum, the National Museum of Finland, Vitra/Artek showrooms in the Netherlands, and the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. Currently, Josh is involved in a range of projects, commissions, and collaborations. He approaches design towards sustainability, and experiments with materials and artisan techniques to develop objects that have unique qualities for everyday use.

Inspired by totems (toteemi meaning ‘totem’ in Finnish), Krute created a multifunctional storage system. As domestic spaces get taken over by work materials during time at home, Krute imagined a series of stackable boxes to stow work supplies and small objects, while other components serve as a side table, tray or stools. The modular system looks at tactile wooden objects, birdhouses and small structures, which Krute streamlined into a compact, practical design. ‘Toteemi provides solutions for how we delve between living and working in the same environment,’ he says.