Mac Collins

Newcastle, UK | Woods: white and red oak

Mac Collins is a British designer from Nottingham. Mac graduated in 2018 with a degree in Three-Dimensional Design from Northumbria University, where he is currently a designer in residence. Since graduating, Mac has received a number of awards, including the Hole & Corner Cræftiga Prize, and has recently launched a collection of furniture with makers Benchmark. Mac uses his creative practice to explore the effects of interaction, the value in celebrating identity, and the connections that might be made between objects and their owners.

While the term ‘isolation’ has acquired negative meaning over the course of the past year, for Collins, the word carries positive meanings. ‘For me, the word has always carried romanticised connotations of contentment, serenity, contemplation and a sense of withdrawal from the rigmarole of socially prescribed routine,’ he says. During his time alone, books became precious companions, and this inspired him to create a place for reflection and reading. His immersive double-armrest lounge chair (and bookrest ‘companion object’) encourages the sitter to tune out of daily life and focus on an analogue task.