Martin Thübeck

Stockholm, Sweden | Wood: red oak

Martin Thübeck is a Swedish designer who works and lives in Stockholm. He trained in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, taking and graduated with a masters from Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in 2020. He is currently working on establishing his own studio. Martin was awarded a scholarship from the IKEA foundation in 2019 and won the Design S – Swedish Designs Awards furniture category in 2020. His work is characterised by a playful approach that results in an expansion of the general conception of function. Balancing between the quirky and the sublime.

While confined at home with his young children, Thübeck found inspiration in the way they innately adapted their surroundings for play, challenging traditional ways to use furniture: ‘limitations became possibilities’, he commented. After looking at traditional furniture and playground equipment, he developed a piece whose construction is informed by traditional Swedish craftsmanship traditions, and whose function can be interpreted both as a chair or a slide by flipping it upside down. ‘This piece is a symbol of coexistence, and the act of turning it is like moving between worlds,’ he says, citing a combination of approaches that merges indoor and outdoor, static and movement, adults’ and kids’ points of view. ‘My intention is not to fully merge the two functions, but to see what happens when they are so close to each other that they become one,’ he says.