Corners Lamp

Mew Mungnatee

Bangkok, Thailand | Woods: soft maple and cherry

Kamonwan Mungnatee (Mew) established her Budd design studio in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019. The Thai designer graduated from the industrial design course at King’s Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang’s (KMITL) in 2019. Her projects range from small objects to decorative items and furniture design, inspired by the idea of user context and everyday objects. Her work is process-based and focused on creative thinking in terms of materials, technique and form.

Mungnatee’s emotional response to the objects surrounding her manifested in the relationship between form, light and shadow, and through this project, she explored this connection through geometry. Her lamp designs, inspired by pagodas, are based on a bulb casting a shadow over surfaces below thanks to an intricate grid composition featuring wooden slats and indented corners.