Howard Desk

Mimi Shodeinde

London, UK | Woods: red oak and soft maple

Mimi Shodeinde is a British-Nigerian designer based in London. After finishing her studies in Interior Architecture from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh she started her Design Studio in 2015. She has worked and collaborated on a wide range of projects both nationally and internationally, from interior architectural projects to furniture design, lighting and product design. Her work is fluid and is informed by what is around her. She seeks to imbue each project with a personality of its own.

The pandemic world is all about newness, observes Shodeinde: new dangers, and new ways of interacting, living and working. ‘In designing furniture for this new paradigm,’ she says, ‘we should lean into the familiar and the comforting. We should seek freedom, connection, stability and strength.’ These qualities are to be found in her design: a solid desk whose light forms contrast with the rigorous construction and weight of the wood. The designer looked to a vast pool of cultural references, from the compositions of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth to the modernist architecture of Lina Bo Bardi, and the aerodynamics of flight (pilot Howard Hughes inspired the name of the piece): these influences converged into a sinuous silhouette, a design that challenges the familiar but also offers a sense of safety.