Migo 01

Pascal Hien

Berlin, Germany | Wood: Red Oak

Pascal Hien is a German designer, who, after graduating from UDK Berlin in 2014 was awarded a design scholarship at Fabrica Research Center in Italy. Following this his professional experience includes working for Steelcase Inc. and Konstantin Grcic Design. His work often expresses itself through cultural exchange and a commitment to create meaningful design with an honest and responsible approach. He looks at creation in a holistic way, not divided into its single disciplines.

‘The pandemic was a time for pause and reflection, when we became more present with ourselves and our surroundings,’ observes Hien. His object, a multifunctional stool, is the result of the designer’s reflections during a time of change and uncertainty, learning to adapt and tune out of his fast-paced life. The stool represents this ever-changing life: ‘you can adapt it in various ways, there is no front or back, no right or wrong.’ It’s a helper around the house or a place to sit. While living with his family during the pandemic, Hien involved them in the testing of the piece, for the first time making them a part of his design work.