Sizar Alexis

Eskilstuna, Sweden | Wood: Cherry

Sizar Alexis is a Swedish-Iraqi product and furniture designer based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Alexis graduated from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm in 2019 and has since started his design studio where he experiments with objects that display tranquil settings through strong character in geometrical shapes. His work is influenced by a deep interest in Brutalism juxtaposed with the rich cultural and architectural heritage from ancient Mesopotamia.

Having lived through the Iraqi war in the 1980s, Alexis imagined his home as a bunker, protecting his family and newborn son during the pandemic. Drawn to the similarities between his own childhood experience and his young son’s, his sculptural pieces are defined by stark monolithic forms and stillness. The chunky volumes of the designs serve as a storage cabinet and a bench, and were inspired by bunker architecture.