Taiho Shin

Seoul, Republic of Korea | Wood: maple

Taiho Shin is the founder of M. 0, a material-driven design company that develops new materials for designing products. After graduating with a MA in Design Products at the RCA in 2019, Shin started his own business in Korea. He had previously been working for Hyundai as a senior designer for 5 years. He believes that experiment-driven projects can contribute to shaping our future, and can lead to many innovative outcomes. On the basis of these beliefs, he created projects ranging from paper-based furniture to a service design for public transportation, receiving several prominent recognitions such as iF, Reddot and Blueprint awards.

During his time in isolation, Shin noted that ‘objects help human resilience through unusual situations’, and this thought served as the basis for his project. Guided by the ‘Ikea effect’ (consumers place higher value on products they partially created), he thought of a half-made design that users could partly assemble to foster interaction with their objects. He created one small table, put together thanks to an ingenious but simple-to-use joint system (no glue necessary), and the design multiplies to create a stackable system of shelves, suitable for different spaces.