Tan Wei Xiang

Singapore | Woods: soft maple, hard maple and red oak

Wei Xiang graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, Spatial and Product Design BA(hons) with First class honours in September, 2017. Upon graduation, Wei Xiang worked as a carpenter, making furniture from trees grown specifically in Singapore. He worked with various species such as African mahogany, rain tree and tembusu tree, which were given a second life amidst Singapore’s rapid land development. He is currently working as a Technical Executive at Temasek Polytechnic, School of Design. One of his recent works was a self-initiated collaborative project on Ceramic tableware, where he explored different slip-casting techniques. His work is inspired by everyday observations, conversations and different thought processes.

Searching for a tangible physical connection to loved ones (beyond virtual calls), Tan resorted to keepsakes as a way to fight nostalgia. His keepsakes cabinet is imagined as a way to hold, preserve and give respect to the items we hold dear, and its forms were inspired by Singapore’s ubiquitous construction sites and the ridged zinc sheets used to protect them. Tan recreated this motif as the outer shell of his tall, lean cabinet, and created curved shelves to sit inside it, with a mirrored, polished brass circle, mimicking the sun setting on the horizon.