luxta Me

Vivienne Wong

Melbourne, Australia | Wood: cherry

Vivienne Wong is a Melbourne based furniture maker and designer who established her workshop at the beginning of 2020. Previously a soloist dancer with The Australian Ballet for 14 years, Wong has no formal education in design, having instead trained and worked with a handful of independent furniture makers over the last four years, exploring and self teaching along the way.

Dancer-turned-designer Wong looked at non-verbal communication as the starting point of her project, approaching the task from a personal point of reflection and knowledge. ‘I wanted to translate my previous understanding of how we can connect and communicate to one another,’ she says, looking to create a piece to nurture strength, intimacy and connection. Invisible physical boundaries and the creation of textures through light formed the basis of the project, which developed into a coffee table featuring interlocking echoed forms, where the functional joinery also becomes a decorative motif for the piece. Her design’s name, Iuxta Me (meaning ‘beside me’ in Latin), represents the desire for human connection and closeness that guided the process.